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  • An important brief Memo to ALL PASS Participants

    To ALL PASS program participants:

    BLOG:  Thank you for your support and participation in the PASS program.  This memo is one in a series of occasional updates and news memos, which can also be found on line here: https://streamlineinstitute.com/index.php/passplans/news/

    • You will find an updated list of jurisdictions
    • Upcoming Beta launch of an exciting new program to complement PASS: One and Done – strategic elimination of extra plan review cycles
    • Early notice of an ALL PASS team meeting in January 2017 to vet and act on new developments

    NEW PASS EXPANSION The development of the Phase Two Checklist for expansion of the PASS program to “Non-Residential New Construction and Additions” is nearly complete, thanks to the diligent effort led by Mike Helmer (Roseville).  This is a great time for final vetting of the expanded checklist for all types and sizes of non-residential construction (except specialty project types of course – such as schools and hospitals).  Please take a few minutes to give the NR Checklist a review.  You can find it here in ‘microsoft’ excel format

    Please pass along any comments or suggestions to me or Mike Helmer on or before August 1st. 

    CONTRIBUTE PLANS: FREE PASS: The next step in this expansion of the PASS program will be additional example slides for the New NonResidential Training Class module.  If you are a design professional that does new Non Residential work, please consider participating by providing us an ‘anonymized’ digital set of plans for a project that has been successfully completed.   Those examples selected for use will earn the contributing firm a free ‘update class’ pass and registry as a thank you.  Please let me know if you are interested I will contact you with particulars.

    USING PASS? We would like to encourage your use of the PASS program.   Please let us know when you use PASS, and any feedback is welcome as well. 

    admin@StreamlineInstitute.com                Michael F. Malinowski AIA

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  • PASS on the WEB

    The PASS program has a new HOME on the Web: The Streamline Institute website

    www.StreamlineInstitute.Org or


    This site is where you will find the PASS program materials including the Checklist and Registry.

    The Streamline Institute is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that operates, promotes, and is a lead in the on going development of the PASS program, and sister programs such as One and Done. 

    The PERMITSTREAMLINE.COM website continues to be on line with a focus on being a general reference for all types of permit streamlining best practices .  This website includes an introduction to the PASS program, as well as information about many other permit streamlining endeavors from around the country.  The PermitStreamline.Com website is operated pro-bono by Michael F. Malinowski AIA