Permit Nightmares

You asked for nightmares as well. In the city in which I practice the inspector makes any new commercial enterprise file for a building permit, including drawings and a Construction Control Affidavit even when no work is being done…literally.  As an example, a professional wanted to rent a single office. The inspector made him get a drawing from me of the office (8′ x 12′) and show where he intended to put his desk and chair.  The tenant had to apply for a building permit with my stamped drawing and Construction Control Affidavit, was charged the minimum permit fee, and then could apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.

It is a steady stream of work for me if I choose to take it, but I’d much prefer to spend my time on “real” projects.
John Crowell
Deer Hill Architects, LLC
Peabody MA

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