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  • The Huddle: Permit in a Day

    The Huddle is a process where the entire project team meets with plan review professionals in an extended session, with issues sorted out ‘real time’ and a permit being issued at the end of the process. I understand this approach is being used in Raleigh NC, and Dallas Texas.  From stories I’ve heard, the process in Raleigh is not as streamlined as the process in Dallas,  In Dallas the plans are submitted a couple of weeks prior to the meeting; all the conversations occur in a group setting, and there is a consensus reached and a permit is issued, contingent on final plans coming back in two weeks or less incorporating all agreed on changes.  In Raleigh, the presubmittal is closer to the meeting date; plan review disciplines takes plans to their private workstation for a review; and comments are dealt with one discipline at a time.  I have heard the process in Raleigh can extend over several days; and there is much time by the project team spent waiting.  Both approaches cost several thousand dollars an hour from what I heard – the hourly chargeable rate for all involved staff on the jurisdiction side of the counter.  Nov 2014.  Additional info would be welcome to help clarify details, other locations where the Huddle is being used, and actual costs and time savings realized.


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  • Permit Nightmares

    You asked for nightmares as well. In the city in which I practice the inspector makes any new commercial enterprise file for a building permit, including drawings and a Construction Control Affidavit even when no work is being done…literally.  As an example, a professional wanted to rent a single office. The inspector made him get a drawing from me of the office (8′ x 12′) and show where he intended to put his desk and chair.  The tenant had to apply for a building permit with my stamped drawing and Construction Control Affidavit, was charged the minimum permit fee, and then could apply for a Certificate of Occupancy.

    It is a steady stream of work for me if I choose to take it, but I’d much prefer to spend my time on “real” projects.
    John Crowell
    Deer Hill Architects, LLC
    Peabody MA

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