Three Steps

Three Steps

Sent: 05-13-2014 19:39
From: Charles Graham
Subject: Permit Streamlining Best Practices

1.Find out the documentation required by the AHJ.
2.Perform a thorough code analysis and report it.
2. Provide the required documentation.

Charles Graham AIA
O’Neal, Inc.
Greenville SC

I would add to that list to always have a presubmittal meeting with your AHJ. At the presubmittal meeting you walk the AHJ through your project and identify any potential problems you should be prepared to respond to in the submittal.

Donald Henke AIA

Donald Henke AIA
Senior Architect
Plano TX


Your three step process makes a lot of sense Charles … but I wonder if have you have faced situations where

1      The AHJ requirements were unclear or inconsistent (for example between plan check and field inspection)
2The code was interpreted differently between yourself and the AHJ
3In addition to the ‘required’ documentation there were additional requirements that came up later?


Michael Malinowski AIA
AIA Director – California Region
Applied Architecture, Inc.
Sacramento CA

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