Some Things I’d Like to See Fixed

Here’ are the top things I’d like to see ‘fixed’ in the permitting process:

1.  Uniform enforcemnt of all provisions of the code:  If energy and green compliance are normal parts of the code, then why are they subject to extraordinary scrutiny and certification on the construction documents?  If what my office has specified is code compliant, then the AHJ’s plans examiner can see it, or ask me to specify it in a specific location.   Why do I need to ‘sign-off’ on the CF-1R and RMM-1 forms?  How are those code sections special compared to the code provisions?  Those examples are California specific, but other states have similar ‘special enforcement’ areas.  Is it just enviro-hype driving this?  Really??  I’m dismayed at how government sees itself as a marketing operation all the time.  Don’t do that.  Just legislate, then enforce uniformly.. Just it like it says in the US Constitution.  I should only have to demonstrate my responsibility for the construction documents in one way… The way the Architect’s Practice Act says I should… By sealing and signing the documents I’m in responsible  charge of (usually done in the title blocks of each sheet).

2.  AHJ’s need to either keep their websites up-to-date, or simply not offer anything but a phone number:  One of my local AHJ’s still lists the 2010 editions of the codes on their website, when in reality they’ve been using the 2013’s since January of this year.

3.  AHJ’s need to keep their form libraries up-to-date:  Same as above… Haven’t been getting updated CALGreen forms until just now… 5 months into adoption!  Come on!!

David M. Sanders, AIA

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