Digital Seals and Signatures

This guide provides a quick overview of how digital signature security works


A recent article on the legal considerations of using electronic means for agreements and signatures.  Legally, an email can be the basis for a contract – even if unintentional!

digital docs and signatures

As far as digital seals and signatures, there has been considerable work in this area by Fiatech recently on this very topic; see here for more detail:——————————————-
Michael Malinowski AIA
Applied Architecture, Inc.
Sacramento CATerry:Thanks for chiming in from the JHA side!  Electronic submission does indeed make perfect sense.

My comments about the security of seals aren’t so much from a fear of forgery, as they are of internal quality control.  For some, there is a certain sense of control that comes from physically looking over the paper plans and signing them.  I suspect there is a fear that if electronic seals are available in house, that anyone in the firm could go ahead and submit plans without the principal-in-charge’s knowledge or review (regardless of the intent of that individual).   I realize it is an internal process issue and isn’t the JHA’s problem.

I would be interested in the experiences of others from the architecture firm side that may have principals, project architects or other sealers of plans that are spanning from the paper age to the digital age, and how they have handled it.

Eric Andrews AIA
Project Architect
BHDP Architecture
Cincinnati OH

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